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Point of Care Services

Community Pharmacy Services

ClearSpring Pharmacy provides point-of-care services for the convenience of clients. These services are a fantastic advantage and help you keep a pulse on your health.

This is what sets community pharmacies apart from the big chain pharmacies. We go above and beyond providing your prescription medications and leading you to improved health.

What Are Point of Care Services?

Point-of-care services are medical services provided at the pharmacy rather than at a hospital, clinic, or other medical facility.

Often, practitioner offices cannot provide testing, vaccinations, or other forms of consultations in a timely manner. These include:

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Point of Care Services We Offer

COVID-19 and Flu Testing

A test is administered through nasal swab. Results are given within 15 minutes.

Strep Testing

A test is administered through a throat swab. Results are given within 5 minutes.

Blood Pressure Testing

Our pharmacists sit with you and runs a complimentary blood pressure test with consultation.

Lipids (Cholesterol) Testing

A slight finger prick is used to draw blood. 8 hours of fasting are required, and results are given within 15 minutes.

A1C testing

A slight finger prick is used to draw blood. Results are given within 5 minutes.

Glucose Testing

A slight finger prick is used to draw blood. Results are given immediately.

Why Use These Services?

Point-of-care services from your community pharmacy have many advantages. The most significant benefit is the convenience it provides.

Pharmacies can see you sooner than most other medical facilities.

Additionally, you get one-on-one time with our pharmacists to debrief and learn about your results. This will help you better understand the results and steps you should take moving forward.

We also share the results with your provider so everyone remains in the loop!

When Should I Come in For Services?

Consistent testing is vital for people of all ages to understand their health. A1C and lipids test should be taken at least once a year. They can be taken every 6 months if the results are outside the normal limits.

Additionally, people with diabetes should measure their glucose daily. It is essential to integrate it into your daily routine.

If you do not have diabetes, measuring your glucose once a year is recommended. This will screen for things such as prediabetes.

Our pharmacists can help you with proper consultation with managing glucose levels.

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Same-day appointments are often available, and you can easily plan and schedule an appointment for a later date.

Choose the location most suitable for your needs, select the service you would like, and fill out the form with the necessary information.

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