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Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care Prescription Solutions

We make medication adherence easy. Our full range of long-term care services helps patients succeed in their healthcare journey. Communities we serve include:
  • Residents of assisted living facilities
  • Adult care homes
  • Behavioral health homes
  • And other group-style residential settings 

We understand that each patient has unique requirements. To meet these needs, we develop customized plans to help ensure the most effective pharmacy care.

Our core values set us apart from standard long-term care pharmacy providers. We do our part with care and compassion for the client. Every patient is essential, no matter the size of the facility.

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Long-Term Care Services

Assisted Living Facilities

ClearSpring provides assisted living and residential facility residents with various products and services, including:
  • Pharmacist review of patient charts
  • Real-time feedback
  • On-site support
  • Medication inventory review

Patient care and safety are ClearSpring's’ primary objectives. Our on-site services ensure medications are correctly labeled, and expired medications are removed. They are designed to meet or exceed all State and Federal compulsory requirements.

Our services are best for residents who require assistance with daily living but do not require skilled nursing services.

Mental Health & IDD Populations

ClearSpring understands the challenges mental health facilities face in providing care to their patients. ClearSpring offers programs that improve the medication processes and procedures to help staff focus on their patients.

ClearSpring offers specialized packaging systems based on monthly cycles to improve accuracy. We also provide in-house pharmacists to perform psychotropic drug reviews to help support safety and compliance.

Adult Care Home - ICF/MR

Adult Care Homes are smaller versions of Assisted Living Facilities, typically single-family homes. They can be licensed for as many as 8 patients. Adult Care Homes provide the same range of services as Assisted Living Facilities.

Independent Living

ClearSpring provides solutions to residents in independent living settings where patients can care for themselves. We assist our independent living patients with navigating the intricacies of Medicare Part D.

Long-Term Care Pharmacy Services

ClearSpring provides a full range of Long-Term Care Pharmacy Services including:

  • Specialized Packaging
  • Dispensing Training Services
  • Pharmacist Consulting
  • Staff-Focused Education Programs
  • Billing Specialist Support
  • QA Support

Specialized Packaging, Dispensing, & Barcode Technology

ClearSpring utilizes a SynMed® automated packaging robot to offer unit dose punch cards and multi-dose Dispill® packaging. This packaging separates medications by the time of day they will be administered.

We offer dispensing options, including 7-day, 28-day, and monthly cycles.

ClearSpring uses state-of-the-art barcode technology and computerized workflow technology to ensure accurate medication services.

SynMed® ULTRA Medication Efficiency

We upgraded our robot and increased our capability to accurately fill medications.


Our specialized adherence packaging helps clients remain on their required medication schedule.


Our SynMed® ULTRA robot provides:

  • 90 multi-dose cards/hour (7 Rx per patient)
  • Eliminates errors.
  • Compatible with 30+ blister card models.
  • No medication residue. 

Consultant Pharmacist

ClearSpring’s consultant pharmacists visit facilities as suggested by state regulation.


These pharmacists will make written recommendations to physicians and nursing staff regarding suggestions and changes in drug therapies.

Compounding Services

ClearSpring’s compounding services help meet the specialized needs of patients requiring specialized medications with a broad range of medications needs.


ClearSpring utilizes its delivery staff and contracted carriers to quickly and accurately deliver patient medications.

Medication Records (MARs)

ClearSpring provides current MARs and Physician Orders for all facility residents at no charge. We work closely with our groups and patients to create records to fit the needs of each individual.


ClearSpring’s pharmacy systems interface with the most popular eMAR programs, including Therap®. We were one of the first pharmacies in the country to offer Therap®. We worked closely with them to help pioneer and develop their eMAR system.

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