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Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Therapy

ENT Signs and Symptoms

ENT is a common medical field that deals with ear, nose, and throat ailments. Basically, anything above the shoulders not including the eyes, brain, and teeth can be considered ENT. Common symptoms seen in ENT issues include:
  • Snoring
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Ear pain
  • Difficult breathing
These are a few symptoms, but of course, there are many more that can potentially be present. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and cannot find relief from over-the-counter items, it may be a good idea to see an ENT doctor. Doctor’s who specialize in this field can help you identify infections or other underlying issues that could pose a more serious health risk. Here are a few illnesses commonly associated with ENT symptoms.

Allergy Season

We all know the start of spring is also the start of allergy season. With the blooming of flowers, trees, and other plants, pollen and spores begin to fill the air. Breathing in the newly supplied allergens in the air could cause allergic rhinitis. This could cause symptoms such as runny/stuffy nose, uncomfortable sensations in the inner ear, and facial itching. These symptoms may sometimes be too powerful for over-the-counter items. In this case, your doctor may prescribe medication for you to pick up at your preferred pharmacy.

Of course, allergy season is not the only time of the year where we may experience allergic reactions. Perennial allergies can be caused by things we are around at all times of the year. This can include hair from our beloved pets, dust mites, and even mold or fungal spores. Your doctor and pharmacist can help you find relief from symptoms and live more comfortably in your own home.


A tonsillectomy is the procedure used to remove tonsils. Your tonsils are located in the back of the mouth and serve to prevent bacteria and viruses from entering our body through the mouth/throat. Infected tonsils can cause:
  • sore throat
  • enlarged tonsils
  • trouble breathing when asleep
If your tonsils are too frequently infected, you may require a tonsillectomy. Recover time after this surgery can take anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks! Your local compounding pharmacy has great solutions to help reduce the pain during this recovery period.

Ear Infections/Inflammation

Allergies and foreign agents entering our ear can cause:
  • inflammation
  • irritation
  • and infections
This can lead to an increasingly uncomfortable feeling in the ear and face area. Symptoms such as pain in the ear, fever, and difficulty hearing can occur. The infection can lead to build up of puss or liquid in the ear.

What Medicine Works for Ear, Nose and Throat Symptoms?

The ENT field can cover a variety of illnesses in the head area of the body. But how do we treat these symptoms? Over-the-counter products can be useful for mild instances of symptoms. However, when infections become more serious and difficult to treat, prescription medications can help provide the sought-after relief. Check out different ways we can help with ENT issues!

ENT Medications

Tetracaine Lollipops

These lollipops are very popular for oral pain treatment. Tetracaine is a topical anesthetic that helps prevent pain in the mouth and throat. This is especially useful for the healing process after oral procedures such as a tonsillectomy. The lollipop form makes it extremely easy to take, especially for children who may be averse other types of medication. We keep tetracaine lollipops on hand ready to go. So you can be sure that we’ll have lollipops available right when you need them!


Budesonide is great for sinus relief. It is anti-inflammatory medication that can be applied through a nasal spray. This reduces the symptoms from ailments such as hay fever, allergies, allergic rhinitis, and nasal polyps. Budesonide can also be used in inhalers to help reduce the effects of asthma.


Mupirocin helps treat certain skin conditions caused by bacterial infections. A topical cream can be developed and applied directly to the skin. In addition to helping with skin conditions, a different mupirocin ointment can be developed specifically to kill bacteria in the nose.

Questions About ENT?

We have solutions for many common ENT symptoms. Whether you have a sore throat, ear pain, or a stuffy sinus, ClearSpring Pharmacy is here to help you! Please feel free to reach out to us and we will get back to you within 1 business day. You may also call our Littleton or Cherry Creek locations for great service. Our pharmacists are knowledgeable and will help you get the relief you need.

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