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5 Reasons for Clinical Testing at Pharmacies

Clinical Testing at Pharmacies

What is Clinical Testing?

Clinical or point-of-care testing involves any healthcare tests performed on or near the patient.

This includes COVID-19, strep, flu, A1C testing, and more. They are medical diagnostic testing that uses samples for analysis.

Why is Clinical Testing Important?

These types of tests are essential for gauging the health of a patient. They are also important for determining the cause of specific symptoms.

Illnesses such as COVID-19, the flu, and others may display similar symptoms in the body. Identifying the cause can help patients take the correct steps to address their illness.

Why Get Clinical Testing at Community Pharmacies?

Community pharmacies do more than dispense medication for their clients. We act as health hubs for the community.

Your pharmacist is knowledgeable and a helpful healthcare professional who can help lead you in the right direction.

Check out how community pharmacies help with clinical testing.

1. Convenience & Lower Cost

Pharmacies generally have greater availability compared to clinics and hospitals. When you need testing, whether because you have symptoms or were instructed to by a doctor, a community pharmacy will likely be able to see you sooner than any other medical facility.

This is extremely helpful when you need to address symptoms more quickly.

This testing is often at a lower price than alternatives. Additionally, addressing symptoms right away can lead to a reduced cost over time.

Convenience & Lower Cost Clinical Testing

2. Fast Results

For many tests, results are given to clients on the spot. This includes blood pressure and glucose testing. Other tests will take 15 minutes or less.

This is very convenient for people with time-sensitive travel plans or visiting an immunocompromised loved one.

Fast Results

3. One on One with Pharmacists

Along with fast results, clients also receive valuable consultation from our pharmacists. They provide expert advice on medication usage, including dosages, potential side effects, and interactions with other medications or supplements.

If you test positive for an illness or record high numbers on an analytics test, pharmacists can provide guidance on over-the-counter medications, supplements, and other health-related products.

One on one with Pharmacists

4. Community Pharmacies are Closer to Clients

Almost 90% of the population lives within 5 miles of a community pharmacy, and 96.5% live within 10 miles.

These statistics are less favorable for other medical facilities. Only 58% of the population lives within 5 miles of a hospital.

So if you are looking for fast and convenient clinical testing, it is more than likely that you are in close proximity to a community pharmacy that will be more than capable of assisting.

Community Pharmacies Closer to Clients

5. Better Health Outcomes

Community pharmacies provide considerable benefits and convenience for their patients. And what happens when patients use these benefits?

We see better health outcomes. Patients who have maintained a better pulse on their health can act quickly to address any issues.

Community pharmacies can be pivotal in informing the patient and consulting the next steps.

Better Health Outcomes

Schedule Clinical Testing

By providing rapid testing and real-time results, clinical testing can improve patient outcomes, increase convenience, and reduce cost. That is a lot of value added for the patient.

Scheduling appointments is easy.

First, select the service you would like.

Then, fill out the form and choose a date to come into the pharmacy for testing.

And you’re done! Your appointment is set up, and we will see you on the day of your appointment.

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