Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services

At ClearSpring Pharmacy, we offer a large selection of pharmacy services in order to meet a variety of needs. We are able to fill all traditional prescriptions, as well as compounded products. We also offer a variety of services to meet the needs of both patients and providers in long term care environments. In addition, our stores offer the convenience of a wide selection of over-the-counter products. From vitamins and supplements, to band-aids, we've got you covered! Best of all, we don't believe that a long wait at the pharmacy will get you feeling better ... we commit to getting our patients in and out, and back to bed as soon as possible!

Compound Prescriptions


Compounding is the science of making medications that are customized to meet an individual's needs. Compounding pharmacies are able to prepare medications with the best strength and dosage form to meet your specific health requirements. Compounding offers the ability to make medications that have been discontinued or are no longer commercially available. In addition, our specially trained compounding pharmacists technicians are able to offer unique dosage forms and flavors for administering medications to children and animals.

Compounding offers unique formulations for a variety of things such as: pain management, hormone replacement, dermatology, and much more! We take pride in the compounding services we are able to offer our patients. The following information details services that are frequently requested by our team. However, we love a challenge! If you don't see information on a subject of your interest, please contact one of our locations and speak to our compounding pharmacist.

Traditional Prescriptions


In addition to compounded preparations, ClearSpring Pharmacy is able to fill all traditional prescriptions.

We accept nearly all major insurance plans and are proud to offer timely walk-in service to all patients. In fact, we are usually able to prepare patient prescriptions in as little as 5-10 minutes! Our quick, accurate, friendly service is sure to prove that you have found the right pharmacy to meet all of your needs!

At ClearSpring, we appreciate our customers, and make it easy for you to transfer your prescriptions! Simply call one of our locations, and provide us with the name and phone number of your current pharmacy and the prescriptions you would like to have transferred. We will do all the work - with no hassle from you!

Long-Term Care Services


At ClearSpring, we take pride in offering the elderly, disabled, and their caregivers an affordable, organized medication solution. In particular, we offer "bubble packing" services to a variety of assisted living facilities and caretakers across Colorado. A bubble pack, is a unique way of packaging prescriptions and supplements to clearly display the daily dose and time of dosage. By using bubble packs, assisted living facilities are able to keep their patient's drug supply organized and clearly labeled. Each bubble contains the appropriate amount of patient medication for the date and time listed on each pack.


For each assisted living facility, we are able to print MARS, deliver prescriptions directly to the facility, and provide appropriate drug disposal for unused or discontinued medications. In addition, our pharmacists and staff are able to consult with the facility's employees to ensure that the program is effective, efficient, and to make sure that all needs are met.

If you know of a patient or facility that may benefit from bubble packing services, please contact us or one of our pharmacy locations today!

Over-The-Counter Products


Each of our pharmacy locations provides competitively priced over-the-counter products for the convenience of our customers. We work hard to choose top quality brands and generics, with trusted reputations in order to ensure the efficacy and customer satisfaction of every item we carry.

We offer a large selection of traditional OTC items, first aid products, vitamins and supplements, skin care items, and much, much more!

If you are on the hunt for a specific product, please call one of our store locations to inquire about it's availability. If the product you desire is not stocked at our stores, our customer service representatives will gladly look into the possibility of special ordering it for you.

Vaccinations, Testing and Consultations

To help minimize how long you’ll need to be in the pharmacy, begin by telling us about yourself and your primary care physician prior to your appointment for any of the following services:

  • COVID testing
  • Flu vaccinations
  • COVID vaccinations
  • Travel vaccinations
  • Other testing, i.e. Strep, Flu, etc.
  • Counseling for diabetes, smoking cessation, birth control, etc.

To move forward with scheduling an appointment, please select the location of your choice. You will then need to schedule your appointment and complete the intake form.

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