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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Answers for Common Questions

New clients and transferring clients usually have a few common questions to ask. 

See below for frequently asked questions:

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About Compounds

We usually ask for a couple of business days to get a custom medication made for a patient. This wait time can increase during peak times (such as holidays).

This is because travel clients will call in their prescriptions early before they leave town.
Yes, we ship compounds via USPS at no charge.

We also have a courier service that can deliver products to the patient (pricing is around $25-30 in the metro area). The patient can opt to pay for UPS overnight or UPS ground shipping.
Yes, it is possible. We are contracted with over 4000 insurance providers. However, our experience is that most insurance companies do not cover compounds.

We always try to bill your insurance for compound prescriptions first to see if they are covered.
Prices for compounds depend on the specific product.

We offer competitive pricing on all of our compounds. Our last price increase was in late 2021.

About Traditional Prescriptions

Yes, we fill both traditional and compounded scripts.

A traditional prescription is filled the same day unless we need to order the item in. If we have to order an item in, we can usually have it the next business day.

About Refills

If your prescription has refills remaining, it will go directly into our queue.

If it is a compound, it should be ready in a couple of business days.

If it is a traditional medication, it will be ready as soon as we have the medication on hand.
If your prescription does not have remaining refills, we will contact your provider for more refills.

Most offices ask for 48-72 hours to respond to a refill request.  Once we hear back from your provider’s office with your refills, we will put your prescription into our queue.

We will attempt to contact your provider every 2-3 days until we hear back from them.

About Transfers

We recommend that the patient contact their provider via their patient portal. Let the provider know that the patient’s compounding pharmacy closed and that they would have all their prescriptions sent to ClearSpring.

They can reach us at 303-707-1500 or 303-333-2010.

We can attempt to transfer the prescription from the pharmacy that bought the Medley records, but we have had a hard time getting through to that pharmacy.
Littleton Pharmacy Staff

Have More Questions? Feel Free to Reach Out

For any other questions please feel free to reach out to our pharmacy. Simply fill out the form below and we will respond as quickly as possible!