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Multiple Medications in One Dose

Compounding pharmacies can customize your medication experience in many ways. Our lab commonly implements processes such as removing allergen fillerschanging dosage forms, and making dosage sizes that are not traditionally available.

Another helpful method we implement is multi-medications. A client who takes a regimen of medications may need help following their schedule. We can reduce the number of medicines they need to keep track of by combining 2 or more into one capsule, troche, or other dosage form.

Of course, medications can only be combined when medically safe.

What is Polypharmacy?

Polypharmacy is the practice of taking a regimen of medication on a schedule. This includes taking two or more drugs to treat one or more conditions.

Older adults tend to have a higher likelihood of taking multiple medications. This is because people are subject to more chronic conditions as they age.

Taking multiple medications can be expensive and difficult to manage. Reducing the number of prescriptions can help make the regimen easier to manage and increase adherence.

Multi-medication is one way to achieve this.

Benefits of Multi-Medication

Take Less Pills

Reduce the number of pills needed by combining two or more drugs into one.

Easier to Manage

Having less pills makes staying on schedule easier and increases odds of staying on track.

Increase Adherence

With less to keep track of, the likelihood of adherence is increased as well as positive health outcomes.

Boost Medication Adherence

Medication adherence is the act of properly taking medication prescribed by a health care professional.

That means if a doctor instructs a patient to take an antibiotic twice a day with a meal for two months, they can complete this without missing a day or deviating from their plan.

Medication nonadherence can lead to negative results, such as adverse health outcomes and increased cost of care.

Multi-medications can help improve medication adherence by reducing the number of physical medications that need to be managed and taken.

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