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Ketamine Dosing

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Prescribing Ketamine

When prescribing ketamine, healthcare providers must take a comprehensive and multifaceted approach. Before offering a prescription, healthcare providers must evaluate their clients and determine whether ketamine therapy is appropriate. This includes a thorough review of current health and medical history.

Many patients find success using ketamine nasal sprays for PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, and treatment-resistant depression.

But how do you decide on dosing for this off-label drug? Compounding pharmacies can customize patient’s medications, giving us many options.

So, as with almost everything in this space, it depends!

How to Decide Dosing for Ketamine

We can only give specific dosing recommendations with an individual consultation. However, there are general guidelines we consider when prescribing ketamine.

For each patient, we look at the severity of the condition and the frequency of use.

Patients typically will take ketamine in one of the following three methods:

Decide Dosing for Ketamine

Alongside Therapy Sessions

Commonly referred to as Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), some patients take ketamine before therapy sessions to help improve session engagement.

The goal is for the transient properties of ketamine to help reduce defensiveness and even increase adherence to therapy sessions.

Common Dosing

Typically, we see dosing for this method on the higher end. Patients may take 100 mg – 200 mg per session.

Common Dosage Form

Patients will generally take sublingual ketamine for their KAP.

Alongside Therapy Sessions

Daily Doses

Some patients see success with daily doses of ketamine. These patients take their dosage of ketamine at around the same time every day.

Common Dosing

Since they are taking the drug every day, dosing is generally on the lower end. Patients may take 20 mg – 30 mg by spraying once in each nostril back-to-back.

Common Dosage Form

Patients taking ketamine on a daily basis will usually use the nasal spray form.

Doses 1-3 Times Per Week

This is probably the most variable dosing schedule. Several factors will go into determining how many days per week a patient should take ketamine.

Common Dosing

Doses are highly variable and dependent on the patient. They range from 200 mg – 300 mg per week in divided doses.

Common Dosage Form

Patients will use either the sublingual or nasal spray form. The patient’s healthcare team should decide by considering preference and likelihood of adherence.

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Need Help with Prescribing?

We specialize in helping medical professionals prescribe ketamine for their patients. Recognizing the complexities and nuances of ketamine therapy, we offer tailored support to ensure optimal outcomes.

We work closely with prescribers to determine accurate dosing and offer comprehensive guidance and support. Please feel free to call our Denver or Littleton location for more information.

You can also text us directly here:
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