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ClearSpring Pharmacy Mobile App

ClearSpring PharmacyMobile App

ClearSpring mobileRx app allows you to refill prescriptions on your mobile device at your convenience. You can refill multiple prescriptions on a mobile device by entering your prescription numbers, scanning the barcode on the prescription bottles or using your Patient Profile.

1. Download the ClearSpring mobileRx app

Download on the App Store

2. Select your preferred ClearSpring Pharmacy
Tap Find Pharmacy, and enter the phone number:
Cherry Creek: 3033332010
Littleton: 3037071500

Then, tap Search.

3. The home screen displays your refill options. Choose Express Refills to enter your prescription numbers or Scan a Prescription to scan the barcode on your current prescription label.

  • Express Prescription Refills screen allows you to enter up to three prescriptions at a time to be refilled. Enter the numbers, and tap Send. To request more than three refills, repeat the process. Then, tap Send.
  • Scan a Prescription screen allows you to use your device‚Äôs camera to scan the barcode on the label of your current prescription bottle.
  • To complete the process, tap Submit Refill(s).

4. Set up your profile, tap My Rx Profile & Med Reminder on the home screen. Tap Sign Up. Fill out the registration form, answer the verification questions, and create a user name and password. Verify your name, birth date and phone number are current with what your pharmacy has on file. Then, tap Login. This option displays your available refills. Check the box to the left of the name of the prescriptions you would like to refill. Then, tap Submit Refills.

To learn more about how to download the app and begin ordering refills, click here.

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