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Low-Dose Naltrexone for Weight Loss

How Does Low-Dose Naltrexone Help with Weight Loss?

Struggling with excess weight can be a difficult and frustrating experience. Men and women find that obesity impacts both their physical and mental health.

Low-dose naltrexone (LDN) addresses both facets to promote weight loss. A multimodal approach helps manage the various elements associated with obesity.

The tried and true path to weight loss involves reduced calorie intake and increased calorie expenditure. Exercising and eating healthy is the only natural and sustainable method to lose weight.

This can be challenging for a variety of reasons. Hormones, thyroid functionality, underlying health conditions, and more can affect a person’s ability to burn fat.

LDN helps patients in a variety of ways, including:

Appetite Control

A calorie deficit is necessary for losing weight. A big part of this is our caloric intake, or how much we eat.

Our body is supposed to signal to our brain when we are full. For some people, this function may not work correctly. The lack of this signal allows for overeating and even an increased appetite.

This can affect the body’s metabolism by burning fewer calories throughout the day.

LDN reduces overeating by influencing the patient’s appetite, lowering the endorphins produced while eating, and reducing some of the pleasure experienced. This decreases appetite and helps regulate eating habits, helping patients not to overeat.

Reduced Inflammation

People who suffer from obesity can have difficulties properly handling inflammation. Excess weight can exacerbate injuries, leading to an arduous recovery and a struggle to lose weight.

The overproduction of inflammatory cytokines can lead to insulin resistance and weight gain.

Studies have shown LDN to decrease inflammation in the body and help regulate insulin. By modulating the glial cells, LDN can provide these benefits to the patient and promote weight loss.

Increased Endorphins/Growth Hormone Levels

Clinical trials show that LDN increases endorphins in patients. This helps with autoimmune diseases and can also regulate inflammation.

Additionally, LDN can increase the levels of adult human growth hormones by decreasing the amount of insulin. This can lead to improved muscle mass and fat-burning capabilities.

Improved Sleep

LDN has shown preliminary evidence of helping patients sleep better at night. Though more evidence is needed, some patients experience calming effects with LDN and experience anxiety reduction and improved sleep apnea.

The link between sleep and weight loss is well documented. Reduced sleep can lead to a spike in cortisol and inflammatory cytokines. It can also influence metabolism and insulin sensitivity, causing the body to store fat rather than burn it.

Do You Lose Weight Fast?

Weight loss while using LDN takes a more natural and consistent path. It is not a miracle drug. Patients can expect gradual weight loss around 1 to 2 pounds per week. 

Other measures are still necessary to help contribute to weight loss, including:
  • Consistent exercise
  • Healthy eating
  • Quality sleep

How to Take Low-Dose Naltrexone

Compounding pharmacies can make LDN into various forms, including troches, capsules, and more.

LDN is most often taken in capsule form. We work with your doctor to determine the best dosage size for your needs.

Typically, patients will begin with a 1.5mg capsule and increase the dosage as they become more accustomed to the drug. Dosage strength increases to 3mg after one week and 4.5mg after two weeks. However, patients will dictate whether they are ready to raise the dosage size.

LDN is best taken at night before going to bed. This helps increase the endorphin-producing effects of the drug.

Is LDN Right for Me?

Weight loss can be a function of many elements. At times, diet and exercise may not be enough. LDN helps with a few underlying issues that may be difficult to address through typical means.

Patients can work in conjunction with their doctors and pharmacists to see if LDN is a viable option.

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