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How to Write a Compound Prescription

Prescribing Compounded Medication

Writing prescriptions for compounded medication is a little different compared to traditional medication. Compounded medicines are made specifically for the patients they are prescribed to. This means that the specifications must be provided in the prescription. This is so that pharmacists receive the proper instructions, and so that the proper details are recorded for medical records.
Here are the 4 ways to write a compounding prescription:

1. Call Us

Perhaps the easiest way to fill a compounding prescription is to give us a call. Our pharmacists will work with you to make sure the compounded medication is properly filled. We will ask for details such as:

  • Symptoms
  • Lab values
  • Prescriber and patient dosage type preferences
  • Patient expectations

Since customization is key, we would like to know how many doses per day is preferred by the patient. The route of administration may also be specified. This includes topical, oral, or sublingual medications. We will then formulate the custom prescription based on patient preference, prescriber recommendation, and pharmacist consultation.

2. Prescribe Electronically (E-Prescribing)

Most Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are not set up to handle compounded medications. However, we can fill compounded prescriptions using already existing fields. Use the “Drug” and “Notes” fields to add specifications for the compounded medication:

  • Drug Field: Enter either “compounded medication” or the name of a commercially available active ingredient drug name included in the prescription. This can be active ingredients such as tadalafil, tetracaine, etc.
  • Notes Field: Enter exactly what is need in the compound. This includes specifications such as dosage type, dosage size, ingredients to be removed, flavoring, etc.

If you fill out these fields with the necessary information you will be able to successfully fill a compounded prescription. Our pharmacy always checks the notes section in order to insure the needs of the patient are being met.

3. Fax Us

Two options are available when faxing in your compounded prescription:

  1. Use the form from your practice. Some prefer this method due to familiarity with the form and its requirements. You may fill out the form and fax it to the ClearSpring Pharmacy location of your choosing.
  2. Use a form provided by us at ClearSpring Pharmacy. We can customize a form that fits your needs and includes all the information from your practice. This is a great option because the form will be completely filled out and will only need a few options checked before it is faxed over to us. We can send over a customized PDF through email to be printed and faxed back over to us.

Once you’ve chosen the preferred form, choose your preferred location (Cherry Creek or Littleton) and send it over to our pharmacy.

4. Have the Patient Bring Prescription

Our final option may not be the most convenient but is always available for patients who may prefer it. Simply hand the prescription to the patient and they may come to our pharmacy and have it filled out. Easy as that!

Free Delivery

Compounded medications from ClearSpring Pharmacy are always eligible for free delivery. We will mail your prescription directly to your door through USPS at no additional charge, even out of state.

Affordable Cash Pricing

ClearSpring Pharmacy has great pricing on compounded medication. We aim to give the best value for your buck when you fill with our pharmacy.

Customizable Prescriptions

Get exactly what you need when filling your compounded medication with us. Choose your dosage size, dosage form, and more.

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