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Dosage Sizes

Custom Dosage Sizes

Traditional pharmacies have set dosage sizes available for every medication they provide. These dosage sizes, however, may only be the best fit for some patients.

Our patients do not have to fit into a specific mold. We can develop your medication to the specific dosage size required for your treatment.

Whether you need a larger or smaller size, our pharmacy can help you stay on your path to a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Low Dose Medication

Certain medications in traditional amounts may be too potent for people to see benefits. Low-dose naltrexone is a great example where low doses of a medicine can provide significant benefits.

A standard dose is 50 mg, but when prescribed at 4.5 mg, naltrexone can help patients with pain and mental health conditions.

Ketamine is another medication that benefits from being used in low doses.

Creating custom dosage sizes is an excellent strategy for our patients to begin tapering off of their medications. This is most often seen when patients start to reduce the antidepressant or antianxiety medication.

Reducing the dosage size can help lead to a “smoother landing” when working towards discontinuing medications.

Low Doses for Pediatric Patients

Traditional prescriptions are developed for adults, but drugs may work differently in children. There are many individual characteristics to consider when prescribing medicine for children.

This includes age, weight, and individual health conditions.

We work with your doctor to develop the best dosage size for your child, even if it is unavailable in a traditional pharmacy.

Pediatric compounds help make the difference.

Prescriptions Tailored to Your Needs

Dosage sizes are just one way to customize your medication. We can also make your medication into various dosage forms, including:
  • Rapid dissolve tablets (RDTs)
  • Troches
  • Creams
  • Nasal sprays

If you are allergic to any ingredients in your medication, our compounding lab can remove the harmful elements.

The active ingredient responsible for the medicine’s healing properties will remain.

Additionally, if you take multiple medications, we can combine a number into one unit (troche, capsule, ointment, etc.). This can save time and reduce hassle when taking multiple medications.

Talk to us About Customizing Your Dosage Size!

If you would benefit from custom dosage sizes, please get in touch with our pharmacy!

We have two wonderful locations in Littleton and Cherry Creek. Call our friendly staff (Littleton or Cherry Creek), and we will help you fill or transfer your prescription.

You can also text us directly here:
Littleton: 303-707-1500
Cherry Creek: 303-333-2010

Or send us a message on social media! Follow us and get a peek at how we make our medications in the lab.