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Dosage Sizes

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Custom Dosage Sizes

Traditional pharmacies offer standard medication dosage sizes, which may not be ideal for everyone.

At ClearSpring Pharmacy, we understand that one size does not fit all. That’s why we customize your medication to the exact dosage size you need.

Whether you require a larger or smaller dose, we ensure your medication fits your treatment plan perfectly, helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromise.

Benefits of Low Dose Medication

Certain medications in standard doses may be too potent for patients to experience optimal benefits.

Low-dose naltrexone is a prime example. Reducing a typical 50 mg dose to 4.5 mg can help patients with pain and mental health conditions.

Ketamine also shows significant benefits when used in lower doses.

Custom dosage sizes are particularly useful for patients tapering off their medications, such as antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs. By gradually reducing the dose, patients can experience a “smoother landing” as they work towards discontinuation.

This personalized approach not only ensures better results and improved well-being but also provides patients with a sense of reassurance in their treatment plans.

Benefits of Low Dose Medication

Low Doses for Pediatric Patients

Traditional prescriptions are typically designed for adults, but medications can work differently in children. Many factors, including age, weight, and individual health conditions, need to be considered when prescribing medicine for children.

We work with your doctor to determine the best dosage size for your child, even if it’s not available in a traditional pharmacy.

The precision of pediatric compounds is a key factor in providing the exact treatment your child needs, improving the therapeutic process.

Low Doses for Pediatric Patients

Prescriptions Tailored to Your Needs

Dosage sizes are just one way to customize your medication. We can also make it into various dosage forms, including rapid-dissolve tablets (RDTs), troches, creams, and nasal sprays.

If you have allergies to any of your medication’s ingredients, our compounding lab can remove the harmful elements while keeping the active ingredient intact.

Additionally, if you take multiple medications, we can combine them into one unit (troche, capsule, ointment, etc.). This saves time and reduces the hassle of managing multiple prescriptions.

Prescriptions Tailored to Your Needs
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Talk to us About Customizing Your Dosage Size!

If you would benefit from custom dosage sizes, please get in touch with our pharmacy!

We have two wonderful locations in Littleton and Cherry Creek. Call our friendly staff (Littleton or Cherry Creek), and we will help you fill or transfer your prescription.

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