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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

What Is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)?

RPM helps facilitate better communication between health care professionals. This allows for open data transfer including reviews, diagnosis, and clinical management. This provides us more avenues to monitor chronic conditions. Improved monitoring will also allow us to catch out-of-range and alarming values. We can intervene earlier and provide service either in-person or virtually for the patient.

Medicare Coverage

Medicare provides coverage for remote patient monitoring. This adds a great amount of flexibility for patients who can benefit from this program. RPM and telemedicine have increased in use and popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This trend seems likely to stick around. The convenience and over all improved healthcare outcomes of RPM have gotten many private insurers on board as well. When community pharmacists work together with healthcare professionals, we can improve outcomes for patients who contribute to high Medicare spending. High-risk patients with multiple chronic illnesses may benefit the most from this care. We can easily check for coverage and help patients benefit from theses services.

How Does Remote Patient Monitoring Work?

Your Part

Identify which of your patients will benefit the most from RPM. This may be patients with a chronic illness that requires frequent checkups. Once they’ve been identified, refer them to ClearSpring Pharmacy.

Our Part

We will start to monitor patients and collect data regarding their health. We will pass this data over to you and your team. At a minimum, we will reach out to patients once a month.

Remote Patient Monitoring for Diabetes

Our pharmacy will screen patients who show signs of diabetes. We collect all of the necessary information including the patient’s family history and a measurement of blood sugar levels. Following a diagnosis, we are able to consistently provide necessary testing such as A1C and health screenings. Continued collaboration with our pharmacy will improve health outcomes for the patient. Counseling from our pharmacists will help patients better understand and manage their diabetes, especially for those that are newly diagnosed.

Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

Collaborating with ClearSpring Pharmacy will provide a variety of benefits to your practice and your patients. RPM provides increased convenience to patients, they will get:

  1. Increased medication adherence
  2. Improved healthcare outcomes
  3. Easier access to professional counseling
  4. Easier access to health testing and screenings
  5. Telehealth visits with healthcare professionals

Practices will also experience:

  1. Alleviate physician workload and burnout
  2. Addition alternate revenue stream (direct & indirect)
  3. Improves 88 MIPS/APMS quality measures
  4. Improve patient satisfaction and loyalty
  5. Seamless EHR integration
  6. Decreases non-billable time for you and your staff

Additional Services We Offer

Pharmacies and private practices go hand in hand. Our goal is for practices to feel confident that their patients will have an exceptional experience when referred over to us. We have a number of services that will help patients in their healthcare journey. This includes:

  1. MedSync
  2. Dispill packaging
  3. Immunizations
  4. Point of care testing
  5. Compression Stockings
  6. Diabetes Self-Monitoring Education and Support Classes (DSMES)
  7. And more!

Partner with ClearSpring Pharmacy

Remote patient monitoring has many benefits in both health and business outcomes. We look forward to creating valuable partnerships that help realize these improved outcomes. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions and we’ll be happy to get acquainted!