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Prescribing Ketamine

with a qualified and experienced compounding pharmacy.

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Getting started with ketamine can be complex.

We help simplify the process and get your patients onto their road to recovery.

We can only offer specific dosing recommendations with an individual consultation.

But you can check out general dosing approaches here.

Be sure to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns!

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FDA Approved

Our source materials and APIs are from FDA approved facilities and distributers.

Compound Testing

We frequently test all of our APIs to ensure the potency is in the desired area.

Sterile Testing

Our compounds are tested for sterility before being shipped out to patients.

Customer Service

Our focus is to provide a positive and supportive pharmacy experience.

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A trusted

Compounding Pharmacy

ClearSpring brings the best into every compound prescription we make. Our community pharmacy utilizes quality ingredients, acclaimed compounding techniques, and astounding customer service. We make sure to be a valuable part of the healthcare journey.

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Custom Prescriptions

We work with prescribers to create the best possible outcomes for their patients.