Ellage – a new base for compounded vaginal medications with prolonged beyond-use dates – ClearSpring Pharmacy in Denver, CO

Ellage is an anhydrous base for compounded vaginal medications with prolonged beyond-use dates. It is the first anhydrous base in pharmacy compounding developed specifically for vaginal applications. It is proven to be gentle on vaginal tissue, release drugs and maintain contact with the mucosa, all while providing a pleasant experience for patients with various health challenges who need compounded vaginal medications.

Ellage is made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and can accommodate a variety of drugs, including: hormones, anti-inflammatories, antimicrobials, antifungals, anesthetics and vasodilators. Benefits in using Ellage is potentially reduced leakage and non irritating to the patient. Ellage does not contain wheat, milk, egg, soy, fish, peanut, gluten, hazlenut, walnut, macadamia, pecan and almond. Ellage is a great base option and ideal in formulations for patients with a wide variety of vaginal conditions. Ellage can be used in formulations used by gynecology, urology, family practice, internal medicine and functional medicine. Please call one of our pharmacists about specific formulations with Ellage, they are happy to help!

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