Compounded medications for during COVID and long-COVID at ClearSpring Pharmacy in Denver, Colorado.

COVID symptoms can be brutal when you are sick and in the aftermath. Symptoms diagnoses included cough, shortness of breath, chest and throat pain, and fatigue. It’s important that patients continue to see their primary care physicians to take the best care of these symptoms so they don’t continue long term. ClearSpring Pharmacy has been in contact with many primary care physicians on treatments that are effective and working for patients that have COVID or suffering with post COVID symptoms. Here are some common medications ClearSpring Pharmacy is making for COVID patients.

Burning Mouth Syndrome – BMX Mouth Wash, Stanford #2 and Amitriptyline/Gabapentin/Lidocaine/Salicylic Acid

Tetracaine Lollipops – 2 & 4% options

Low Dose Naltrexone – Helps to reduce gut inflammation & Brain Fog

Ketotifen – Helps with Cytokine Storm

GI Medications – IBS, Gastroparesis & Ulcerative Colitis

Intranasal Steroids (Loxaperse) – helps with loss of sense of smell

These are only a few examples of COVID medications we can provide. ClearSpring Pharmacy has the capability to do a lot more, just ask! Please call one of our pharmacists today for more information, questions and pricing. ClearSpring Pharmacy has affordable cash pricing for patients and offers FREE shipping.

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