ClearSpring Pharmacy – Rapid Dissolve Tablets for hormones & ketamine

ClearSpring Pharmacy is one of the few compounding pharmacies in Colorado that makes rapid dissolve tablets (RDTs). They are very affordable and effective. ClearSpring Pharmacy is has 2 locations in Colorado – Cherry Creek & Littleton. ClearSpring will ship to patients free of charge! Please call one of our pharmacists today for more information on Rapid Dissolve Tablets.

Rapid Dissolve Tablets are another great option for hormone treatment and Ketamine.

  • Each tablet can hold up to 4 hormones
  • Dissolve within seconds
  • Better tasting
  • A great option for patients who struggle with swallowing pills
  • Convenient
  • Affordable cash pricing, if not covered by insurance

Cherry Creek Location (303)333-2010

Littleton Location (303) 707-1500