ClearSpring Pharmacy in Denver, CO. makes Ketamine Nasal Spray for depression & it’s affordable!

ClearSpring Pharmacy makes ketamine nasal spray and is the best at it! Our pricing is the lowest in Colorado and the country! Very few compounding pharmacies have the capability to do what ClearSpring does and we take pride in delivering a quality product for the patient. Our products are tested to assure that our patients are getting the most efficient and potent product.

Ketamine Nasal Spray is becoming more popular for depression. Below is some more information:

Bioavailability of intranasal ketamine has been reported to be between 25% and 50%. A randomized,
double-blind, crossover placebo-controlled trial enrolled 20 patients with major depression. The treatment group received 50 mg of intranasal ketamine. This study concluded that intranasal
ketamine is safe and effective for rapid recovery from depression in patients that have failed at least
one antidepressant trial. The antidepressant effect from ketamine was detectable 40 minutes after
the dose was given. Although intranasal ketamine does appear to be effective, it has reduced efficacy
when compared to previous studies done on intravenous ketamine. This is because intravenous
administration of ketamine achieves higher levels in the blood than intranasal ketamine. Intranasal
ketamine was associated with minor dissociative side effects while IV ketamine is associated with
more prominent dissociative side effects7. Inhaled ketamine is a growing topic for healthcare
professionals, physicians, and pharmacists all over.

Please call and talk to a pharmacist today! They are very helpful and can refer a provider in Colorado that is experienced with Ketamine Nasal Spray.

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