ClearSpring Pharmacy in Denver, CO – compounded Nasal Sprays & affordable!

ClearSpring Pharmacy is the best compounding pharmacy in Colorado. We are licensed in many states, just call and ask for an updated list! We compound many products and nasal sprays are one of our many specialties! Please call and ask if there is something specific you are looking for. And if you need a doctor referral that is experienced in prescribing a specific spray, we can help! We bill insurance and ship to the patients’ front door.

Amphotericin 0.1%

Atropine 0.8mg/45ml

Budesonide/15% Mucolox

Ciprofloxacin HCL 4.5%

Dexamethasone 1mg/ml

EDTA/Gentamiacin/Itraconazole/Mupirocin 1/3/1/0.2%

EDTA/Gentamiacin/Itraconazole/Mupirocin 1/0.25/0.2/0.2%

EDTA/Gentamiacin/Itraconazole/Mupirocin 1/0.5/0.2/0.2%

Estradiol 25mg/30cc

Furosemide 50mcg/0.1ml

Itraconzole 0.2%

Ketamine (preservative free) 150mg/ml

Ketamine/Benzalkonium Chloride 105mg/ml

Lidocaine 4%

Mupirocin/Edetate Disodium/Gentamicin 0.2/1/1%

Mupirocin/Edetate Disodium/Gentamicin 0.02/1/0.02%

Oxytocin 40U/ml and MUCH MORE!

Littleton location (303) 707-1500

Cherry Creek location (303) 333-2021