Calling All Parents

As a parent, is there anything more heartbreaking than seeing our kids in pain? Knowing that they are hurting but feeling like there is just no good way to help them. A helpless feeling, right? Unfortunately, whether it be a broken heart or a broken arm, we will continue to experience these things with our children. It’s what we sign up for as parents.

At ClearSpring we can’t help in all of the painful situations you and your children might encounter, but we can help in ways you may not realize…

Made-to-Order Medicine

As a compounding pharmacy, we have the ability to customize medications. This means that we can create medicines in doses and in forms that are made specifically to meet each patient’s needs. Think of it as “made-to-order” medicine. If the medication that your child needs only comes in a pill form, but your child does not swallow pills, what do you do? If your child can’t take a medication because they are allergic to some of the ingredients, what then? At ClearSpring, we make the medications to suit your child’s specific needs. We can create different bases for active ingredients whether it be a hypo-allergenic cream or gluten free base for those with allergies, or an oral suspension for those who cannot yet swallow a pill. Our pharmacists are here to work with you and your physician to create the medicine your child needs.

What keeps us doing what we do is knowing that we can help people like you and your families.  Combining the science and creativity needed to come up with truly customized medications that make a difference in every day lives.  Give us a call or stop in anytime…

ClearSpring Pharmacy is located in Cherry Creek and Littleton, Colorado.
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